7 helpful tips for selecting the right WMS

Today, logistics is more closely linked to information technology than ever before. The Warehouse Management System (WMS) is the heart of a modern logistics center for the control, management and optimization of warehouse and distribution systems. However, each logistics center is unique with its own business processes and requirements in relation to goods handling, topology, delivery times, etc. The choice and introduction of a warehouse management system is a challenging and comprehensive project. In order to ensure the that the WMS meets all the individual requirements and offer the desired functionality and quality a careful analysis and selection of a suitable softwaresystems is indispensable.

Horst Reichert, Managing Director of S&P Computersysteme GmbH, a Stuttgart-based system logistics software manufacturer, has compiled a number of helpful tips to consider when implementing a warehouse management system. "For over 30 years, we have been implementing our own logistics software SuPCIS-L8 in logistics centers around the world. After more than 130 successful projects, we know how important a powerful software, a good planning, but also a reliable round-the-clock support is. Each warehouse is different and, as individually as possible, a warehouse management system should be adaptable to cover all requirements. In the introduction of new warehouse management software, be it for a manually operated warehouse, a forklift storage with mobile data collection or a very complex fully automated logistics center, we see again and again that there are some basic issues to be considered. "


Below we have summarized these 7 helpful tips for you:

Investment security

best warehouse management system - 7 helpful tips to make the right choice
Find out whether the software solution for your warehouse can be scaled without difficulty and if its interfaces adapt easily to future warehouse technology. The software should also be able to support an extension of the automation level of your warehouse. The connection to existing superordinate and subordinate systems must also be guaranteed.

Understand business processes

best warehouse management software - 7 helpful tips to make the right choice
Once you have selected your new WMS, you should to get together with your WMS specialist and explain in detail all the business processes that take place in your warehouse. Your chosen specialist should then provie you with a detailed dossier containing these details and all other agreements. Thus, both parties avoid misunderstandings.


best warehouse management software - helpful tips to make the right choose the right WMS
During the entire planning and commissioning phase, you should regularly exchange with your software supplier so that no misunderstandings arise and you are always informed about the current project status. This means the vendor you chose should assure you that they will have a contact person available at all times for your project.


Identify employees with precise responsibilities that are responsible for the project. These and the key users should receive detailed training by the WMS supplier before the introduction of the new logistics software.


best logistics software - helpful tips to opt for the right WMS
Extensive testing is essential to avoid inconsistencies and problems before the Go-Live so that the ongoing operation does not have to be interrupted. Having no downtime during Go-Live can be a very important factor!

Commissioning and startup support

During the commissioning, a team of the LVS manufacturer should be on site to ensure a smooth transition. The gradual transition normal operation should also be planned.

Consistent operating concept and support

Check in advance which conditions apply to the WMS provider's support after Go-Live. You should always have a contact person from their support available to you during your operating times, so that in the event of a problem there will be no downtime.

Further tips for selecting your warehouse management system

You want more tips to find a warehouse management system that perfectly fits your logistic needs? Please do not hesitate to contact us!